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Despite popular belief, chiropractors are not 'bone crunchers.' In fact chiropractic goes far beyond even adjusting the spine. A chiropractors role is to diagnose neuro musculoskeletal issues which inturn can affect overall health. 

'Chiropractic' means 'to be done by hand,' and typically this is how a chiropractor will adjust the spine and joints to create a state of 'ease' in the body.

Chiropractic is a complementary medicine based on the premise that when our bodies are funtioning optimally they have the ability to heal itself. So whether you or your children need help with your posture, headaches, back pain, other joint pain or dysfunction or are just wanting to feel more in shape and able to move and function effectively, a chiropractor could help. 

B.J Palmer (Developer of chiropractic)

"The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease."

Thomison Edison

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patient in the cause and prevention of dis-ease"


"Look well to the spine for the cure of disease"

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